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Grief and Loss

It is helpful to understand the different stages of grief, but it’s just as important to acknowledge that there is no timeline or criteria for mourning a loss.

I began my career in counseling by serving as a trained grief volunteer during a time in my life when several close family and friends were experiencing extraordinary losses. I wanted to channel my own sorrow and energy into a helping role, so I launched a grief support group at my church and eventually returned to college for my Master’s degree in counseling.

The most important thing I’ve learned about grief is the healing value of telling your story repeatedly until you no longer need to tell it. Friends have allowed me to talk through the recent passing of my mother, and I rely on my own therapist to listen as I cycle through my memories.

I am passionate about helping my clients verbalize the complex feelings associated with grief, loss, and mourning. I also try to assist in the transition to a new normal.